Zone out and relax to the sounds of rain and thunder after a long day with Thunderspace ($1). This iOS app features true-to-life audio recordings of real thunderstorms, all in stereoscopic 3D sound — so it sounds like you're actually listening to a storm outside. The app also features realistic lightning flashes synced with the audio. It comes with two thunderstorms (roof garden and waterscape), and six additional thunderstorms are available as in-app purchases. Each storm recording loops seamlessly and lasts a while, perfect for falling asleep to, tuning out noisy neighbors, or for long commutes.

  • Microsoft Office Mobile

    Whether your boss forces you, or you genuinely enjoy using Microsoft software on Apple products, you'll be happy to learn that Microsoft Office Mobile (Free) is available on iOS for Office 365 subscribers ($100). Now you can edit your Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, and Powerpoint presentations from your device, and see your changes reflected anywhere you access your work. Built-in sharing tools let you collaborate with your coworkers through SkyDrive, so you'll never miss a comment or revision. The recent documents feature lets you access your work without trouble.

  • Mextures

    There are plenty of iOS camera apps out there — an App Store search yields over 12,000 results. While most of these are just a refactoring of the same tired ideas, Mextures ($1) does things differently. Like a lot of camera apps, it includes a library of original textures, including gradients, grunge, light filters, and film scans (70 in total). Unlike other camera apps, it allows you to combine different textures on separate layers, using blending and opacity to create an original style. Once you're happy with your combination, you can save it as a formula to reuse as much as you like.

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