Timberleaf Camping Trailer

Weighing in at under 1,200 pounds yet still offering everything you need for a short stay in the wilderness, the Timberleaf Camping Trailer is a smart alternative to traditional campers. The exterior is made from anodized aluminum, with colors on the side, clear anodizing on the top, and a rear hatch that opens for access to the handsome birch galley with sink, birch cooler, and colorful countertops. On the inside, there's a custom-made "Colorado" queen mattress, a large skylight, and plenty of storage. Best of all, you don't need a massive SUV to haul it, so you can go explore places larger rigs simply won't fit.

  • Kilkea Superyacht

    Most yachts are built to sail the waters of the Caribbean or Mediterranean. The Kilkea Superyacht is designed to go wherever you want. Based on a supply-vessel platform, it measures nearly 270 feet long with a 59-foot beam, and has a steel hull certified for operation in light ice. Yet it still offers resort-class accommodations for up to 36 guests, multiple swimming pools, options like a submarine dock, underwater observation room, or on-deck soccer pitch, and, of course, a helipad with hangar. It can travel for up to a month without making landfall, has a top speed of 15.4 knots, and a cruising speed of 12 knots, making it an ideal mobile base for the adventurous mogul.

  • Snoped

    Marrying a snowmobile-style track with a cafe racer-like posture, the Snoped is perhaps the sleekest snow speeder around. Its monolithic black aluminum body with exposed screws, puffy black seat, and vertical headlight and taillight looks like something straight out of the first order, while the lightweight chassis, 90cc motor, and Chrysler Sno-runner track ensures it's more than a mere prop. Sadly no word on whether designer Joey Ruiter or builder Jeff Long plan to make more.

    Photos: Dean Van Dis, Brian Kelly

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