Timbuk2 Tool Shed

Wear your 'shed on your belt with the Timbuk2 Tool Shed ($35). Made from water-resistant, grease-proof tarpaulin fabric in a stylish "safety cone" orange, this simple storage unit unfolds to lay flat, giving you instant access to all the pockets and tools within. Also great as a dopp kit, gadget cord/charger carrier, or bartending tool pack. [Thanks, Aaron]

  • Wenger Traveler Pocket Alarm

    The large majority of us already carry around an alarm in our pockets — it's called a phone — but there are times when you might not want to drain your juice all night just so you can wake in the morning. The Wenger Traveler Pocket Alarm ($250) is a stylish, albeit expensive, solution, featuring a rugged brushed stainless steel case, luminous hands, numerals, and markers, date display, an integrated retractable stand, a second time zone indicator, an included silicone pouch, and... oh yeah, an alarm.

  • Tuch Leather Sleeves

    Carry your iPhone, iPad, MacBook, or laptop in minimal elegance with Tuch Leather Sleeves ($25-$275). Available in light tan (naked) or black versions, these simple pouches are hand-assembled from premium-grade, laser-cut leather, using no stitching and no glue to achieve a level of simplicity that's impossible with other mass-produced cases. Bonus points for the integrated card slot on the iPhone case, ensuring that you lose both your phone and your ID + credit cards when you drunkenly leave it at the local beer garden. [Thanks, Ben]

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