Tinder On A Rope

Never be stuck without a fire with Tinder On A Rope ($8). Made with all natural, high resin content Pino de Ocote fatwood pine, this stick measures roughly six inches long by one inch square, and promises to supply an extremely hot flame, with the ability to light even when wet. Simply scrape off enough to get your fire going, and keep the rest for the next time you need it — an action which is made easier thanks to the attached lanyard. If only all "On A Rope" products were this useful.

  • Firefly Trailer

    Not everyone needs (or even wants) a full-fledged RV when they take to the road, and for some, even a small towable trailer is overkill. For the guy who doesn't need much, but still wants the comfort and security of an enclosed space to rest his head, there's the Firefly Trailer ($TBA). Designed and built by a former NASA architect who specializes in small habitats (and being sold by the company behind the unique Cricket Trailer) , this lightweight aluminum living space drops easily into the bed of a pickup truck. It features a folding couch perfect for sleeping and sitting, plenty of storage space to hold your essentials, and lunar-lander-like legs to keep it safely off the ground.

  • Safari Tent

    Just because you're sleeping outdoors doesn't mean you have to live like some kind of wild animal — step up your campground game and become king of the wilderness in this gigantic Safari Tent ($2,000). At ten feet by twelve feet, this tent is so big you may never miss the comforts of home. You'll have plenty of space for your inflatable mattress, all the gear you could ever need, and even a few (or eight) of your closest friends. With a nylon cordura outer skin and an aluminum inner frame, it can handle nearly anything mother nature throws at it, while the massive interior space will let you stand up while you wait out the storm.

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