Tinnie 10 Boat

Featuring a sharp, triangular design formed from powder-coated aluminum, the Tinnie 10 Boat is a small if impressive way to cross the water. It measures ten feet in length with a weight of just 173 lbs, and can carry two adults side-by-side on the Xorel-upholstered seat. Other features include a floor made from planks of white oak, either a 6hp, 4-stroke or electric motor, and a transom height of just 15 inches. A perfect complement to designer Joey Ruiter's prior Snoped.

Photos: Dean Van Dis

  • Seataci Concept Yacht

    Industrial designer Charles Bombardier is known for his outlandish, imaginative designs. The Seataci Concept Yacht is no different. Dreamed up on a trip to Bora-Bora, it has a main hull that can submerge itself using a ballast system, giving passengers inside outstanding underwater views. It would also use a novel propulsion system: a biomimetic oscillating foil that would push water back like a whale's tail, offering greater efficiency while allowing the vessel to operate in shallower waters. Other notable features would include a dozen on-board villas, a main deck with tropical gardens and pool, and a pair of landing pads meant for personal drones, used for travel to and from nearby islands.

    Photos: Martin Rico / Imaginactive

  • Immotor Go Electric Scooter

    Foldable, adjustable, and secure, the Immotor Go Electric Scooter is an ideal short-range transport for the urban commuter. For starters, it has three wheels and active suspension, so balancing while riding is easy, even while reaching the limits of its 20 mph top speed. Dual smart batteries give it a range of up to 20 miles, can be easily removed/replaced, and can also power anything that hooks to a normal outlet with a simple conversion kit. Finally, it uses your smartphone as a key, with fingerprint authentication required for battery removal, it's own active data connection with GPS, and the ability to let friends and family borrow it through the app, which is a far more secure setup than just handing someone the key to your bike lock.

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