Titan Exhaust Air Jack

Titan Exhaust Air Jack

Ditch your car's unwieldy (and sometimes unsafe) mini-jack and pick up a Titan Exhaust Air Jack ($120 and up). Available in three sizes, the Titan uses a hose connected to your car's exhaust pipe to inflate smoothly and quickly, lifting your vehicle up to 30 inches off the ground, and giving you plenty of space to work. It can stay inflated for up to 45 minutes, and can deflate in just 5 seconds, getting you back on the road in no time.

  • WASP Injector Knife

    If stabbing your prey simply isn't enough for you, check out the WASP Injector Knife. Designed for taking out large land and sea predators, this hardcore weapon features a 5.25-inch blade and can hold up to a 24g gas canister, which is used to inject a freezing cold, basketball-sized ball of compressed gas into whatever you've punctured, dropping even the largest of monsters simply and effectively.

  • Trak Kayak

    Nevermind that it collapses down to fit into an included OGIO pack for travel — the biggest trick the Trak Kayak ($4,900) performs comes after it's put together. Using three hydraulic jacks, the Trak can add or reduce tension on its skin to allow you to shape the boat to your needs. Need maximum speed? Make it lie flat. Extra maneuverability? Bow the ends up. It can even bend left or right to combat crosswinds. Like a Transformer, but without the awesome alien weaponry. [via]

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