Title of Work Ties

Title of Work Ties

Believe it or not, sometimes wearing a tie simply isn't formal enough. For those times, there are Title of Work Ties ($125-$1,075). Available in a variety of shades and made using high-end fabrics, the majority of these not too skinny, not too wide ties feature an added bit of flair — a bar, chain, toggle, or some other ornament — displayed proudly along their length, making them just a step above your average neck wringer from Brooks Brothers.

  • Bob Hope's Cufflinks

    Apart from his distinctive profile and legendary humor, late comedian Bob Hop was also known for his style — and particularly his cufflinks. Now you can add a bit of his renowned flair to your own ensemble with a pair of Bob Hope's Cufflinks ($300-$900). Available in a variety of styles — from Japanese Monks to White Elephants — each pair was owned and worn by the man himself, making each one one-of-a-kind.

  • iCufflinks

    Inspired by Apple's ever-present aluminum power buttons, the iCufflinks ($130) are ready to add some Cupertino-style flair to your formal attire. These "open source" cufflinks are machined from 6 series aluminum, and thanks to a battery that screws inside the housing — along with a tiny circuit board and LED — they pulsate gently, subtly letting those around you know that not only do you mean business, but you might also be a robot. [Thanks, KJ & Butschp]

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