TiVo Premiere Elite

TiVo Premiere Elite

Recording two shows at once? That's so 2008. The TiVo Premiere Elite ($TBA) blows past this limitation by integrating multiple digital tuners and a two terabyte hard drive, letting you record up to four shows at once and save up to 300 hours of HD programming — for those that weren't counting, that's nearly two weeks of eyeball-rotting goodness. Other features include THX certification for optimal sound and video quality, TiVo's legendarily elegant interface, and integrated Internet entertainment like Netflix, Pandora, Hulu Plus, Amazon Instant Video, and YouTube. You'll be able to pick it up this fall, so to avoid confrontation, you might want to break the news to your current cable box now.

  • Elite LED LCD TVs

    Remember Pioneer's former lineup of Elite plasma sets that offered up mind-blowing black levels and similarly gasp-inducing pricing? They're being reborn as Elite LED LCD TVs ($6,000-$8,500). Produced by Sharp, these new ultra premium sets offer proprietary RGB+Y technology for more accurate colors, Full Array LED backlighting with local dimming for superior black levels, 3D support, Netflix, YouTube, and other Internet-based connectivity options, THX certification, and Elite Advantage LiveSM support which allows technicians to connect to your TV over the Internet and tweak the settings until the picture is nothing short of perfect.

  • SMX Screens

    Pour all the money into audio equipment that you want — your home theater will still only be as good as the screen. Which is why you want one from SMX Screens ($2,500 and up). These pro-spec screens are available in a variety of styles, including automated masking screens, curved screens, acoustically transparent screens, and just plain ol' front projection fixed screens, each a cut above what you'll find from other manufacturers. We've been testing one out in the secret underground Uncrate Cinema for a couple months now, and it's made everything from '70s horror flicks to Inception explode off the screen like a Diet Coke bottle filled with Mentos — we tried to take a picture, but the awesomeness was so overwhelming it broke our camera. True story.

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