Tiwal 3.2 Inflatable Sailboat

Sailing is one of the most amazing things you can do on the water, but not everyone has the means to either keep a sailboat docked somewhere when it's not in use or haul it back and forth to the water. That's where the Tiwal 3.2 Inflatable Sailboat. Billed as the very first high-performance sailing dinghy, it's 10.5 feet long, features a 56 sq.ft or 75 sq.ft sail, weighs just 111 lbs., and can accommodate two adults or one adult and two children. There's a also a pair of airtight compartments, but the bigger deal is the two included bags that it folds down into (in less than 20 minutes), making it a breeze to haul to and from the shoreline.

  • Soto Pocket Torch

    Anyone who's ever played around with a cheap, translucent, disposable lighter knows that you can crank the thing up to deliver ridiculously large flames by simply removing the metal cap and going to town on the adjustment dial. The Soto Pocket Torch takes this idea to a whole new level, transforming the cheap fire sources into a full-on, wind-resistant mini-blowtorch capable of reaching temperatures of up to 2,300ºF. Just drop the lighter in, attach the top, and go.

  • IcyBreeze Air Conditioner Cooler

    When it's hot outside, coolers are a must-have to keep your drinks and fruit cold. But what about keeping yourself cooled off? The IcyBreeze Air Conditioner Cooler does both. Thanks to a built-in rechargeable battery and a powerful 3-speed fan, this ingenious invention takes cool air from inside the cooler and sends it in your direction using a stay-put hose and integrated vent. It also offers standard features like dual lift handles, a pull handle and large wheels for dragging it behind you, two cup holders built into the lid, and a drain. Whether you're at the pool, the beach, the lake, or the ballpark, it's an ideal summer companion.

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