Tom Burr Ping Pong Table

Art meets gaming in the Tom Burr Ping Pong Table ($45,000). Created by the well-known artist and limited to just 10 examples, this unique and insanely priced table is sculpted out of black rubber — making it quite durable while adding a bit of bounce to your balls — and features clean, solid lines that help make it as pleasing to the observer as it is to the player. In addition Neiman Marcus will donate $2,500 to Big Brothers Big Sisters for each one sold, so at least some of that cash will be going to a good cause.

  • iPing

    Leave it to a club manufacturer known for its personal customization to figure out how an app can help your putting game. iPing (Free;) is a new app for the iPhone and iPod touch that identifies your stroke type, analyzes your impact angle, and measures your tempo, creating a "Putting Handicap" that gets lower as you become more consistent. Simply pick up a Ping cradle ($30) for your iPhone 4 or iPod touch 4G, snap it onto your putter, and get to work.

  • Hela Disc

    Sometimes the best inventions come from unintended discovery — like how a piece of scrap cardboard tossed across a room became the basis for the Hela Disc ($19). Using a new aerodynamic technology called FlexFoil that allows the disc to change shape during flight, the Hela Disc can travel over distances of up to 300 feet depending on the skill of the thrower, can stare down 15mph gusts, and offers micro edge molding on the grippy, weighted ends for added accuracy.

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