Tombow Airpress Pen

Having a great pen you can rely on no matter where you take it isn't as common as you might think. That's why the reliability of pens like this Tombow Airpress Pen are so amazing. It's a pressure-refill pen that gives you the ability to toss it in your bag and be sure it will write consistently each time you reach for it thanks to the patented pressurized technology it employs. You also get a comfortable rubberized grip and a metal clip to attach it wherever you want it to stay. One click pressurizes the refill for 492 feet of upside-down writing, making it a great choice for folks that work outdoors, write on wet paper, or just need a tough lightweight pen to get their thoughts on paper at a moment's notice.

  • MB&F Astrograph Pen

    Born out of dreams of space travel and science fiction, the MB&F Astrograph Pen is as much an objet d'art as it is a writing instrument. It was the result of a four-year collaboration between the Swiss watch maker and Caran d'Ache, a legendary producer of pens, pencils, pastels, and other artistic tools. The fountain pen is crafted from nearly 100 rhodium-plated components, and has a rocket-like design with three stabilizer legs that extend out to hold the pen upright when not in use. It arrives in a launch pad presentation box and includes a magnetized astronaut figurine that will attach to any point on the pen or pad. Available in three different finishes and limited to just 99 examples.

  • Field Notes Lunacy Edition Notebooks

    Inspired by the Earth's constant companion, Field Notes Lunacy Edition Notebooks pay tribute to the Moon in a truly unique way. Each notebook in this three-pack set is cut with a different die, revealing either a full moon, half moon, or crescent. The embossed cover itself is made from leathery black paper, while the interior is filled with 48 light grey body pages featuring a reticle pattern. They're a limited edition, so expect them to sell out sooner rather than later.

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