Tonke Campers

We often speak of something melding the old and the new, but it's still pretty rare to such a literal example as these Tonke Campers (€95,000-€103,000; roughly $123,000-$133,000). These intriguing vehicles pair a retro, gypsy cart-style camper with a modern Mercedes truck, creating a happy juxtaposition of looks on the outside. On the inside, you'll find a yacht-style interior, with room for two or three people depending on the model, and expected niceties like showers, toilets, kitchens, and beds. Each one is custom designed and built-to-order in the company's workshop, so if you'd like to get your hands on one this summer, you'd best get moving.

  • Max ATVs

    Forget four wheels — if you want a vehicle that can go wherever is necessary, you need six. Max ATVs ($9,500 and up) have been tearing through the wilderness since 1969, utilizing their six-wheel drive systems and amphibious capabilities to get wherever their owners needed to go. Built in Buffalo, NY, they come in three models — the Max II, which holds two passengers plus cargo, the Max IV, which can hold up to four passengers and slightly less cargo, and the Buffalo, the world's first amphibious dump truck. They may not be as pretty as a new four-wheeler, but when your four-wheeling buddy is stuck on the other side of the creek, you won't care a bit. [Scouted by Ryan]

  • PG BlackBraid Bike

    If you're looking for a lightweight two-wheeled ride, the PG BlackBraid Bike ($TBA) should be on your list. Featuring an innovative full-carbon frame made from braided carbon fiber, it's available in two versions — the urban-commuter Fixie and the distance-ready Touring. It also offers a SLR Tekno saddle, Conti 4000s tires, and Speedplay Nanogram Zero pedals. No matter what model you choose, you'll be getting an all-black ride that's sure to turn heads, whether it's around the neighborhood or out on the road.

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