Top & Derby Cane

It doesn't really matter what you need it for — unless you're going with a gold-handled model and a pimp-style outfit, most walking sticks don't enhance your look. The Top & Derby Cane ($70) aims to change all that. It features a handle with a cast aluminum core and a soft silicone grip, a solid American black walnut shaft with a coating that both protects the wood and brings out the natural grain, and thermoplastic rubber tip that's resistant to abrasions and sports sneaker-inspired tread for added traction. Expected to arrive this September.

  • General Mfg. Wilson Keyring

    If you're simply looking for something elegant to hold your myriad keys, the General Mfg. Wilson Keyring ($10) is well worth a shot. Formed from a single piece of 1/8" brass wire, each ring measures a pocketable 2" x 1.125", can hold a completely unpocketable number of keys, and features a small enamel marking in one of three colors — red, blue, or grey — to help you easily identify which set you're grabbing (should you happen to own more than one).

  • Wedgewood Rings

    We've seen plenty of titanium rings, and even a few made out of wood — but none that have mixed the two as artfully as these Wedgewood Rings ($200-$400). Made by hand in Milwaukee, these rings use a wide range of natural woods that have been carefully selected specifically for making rings. Every piece is either recycled or purchased from an eco-conscious seller, and is paired with hand-polished titanium, then given multiple coats of clear finish to ensure the ring looks great for years to come.

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