These days dedicated GPS devices are a bit of an outdated concept, with turn-by-turn directions, maps apps, and more as features on just about every smartphone available. But when it comes to exploring off the beaten path, relying on the maps on your smartphone (and its somewhat limited battery life) can be a scary concept. With the TopoCharger you get the latest topographical maps, and a built-in battery charger for a device you're already used to carrying everywhere. It doubles your battery life, while still working off the grid, thanks to your phone's own GPS capability. And with a powerful included app, you can set waypoints, take photos, save routes, and much more.

  • Lacie Fuel

    Not everyone can get by with only 16GB of iPad storage. Or 32, 64, or even 128GB, for that matter. For those people, there's Lacie Fuel. This highly portable, battery-powered media storage vessel offers a full terabyte (1TB) of storage, giving you room for up to 500 movies, 160,000 songs, or 190,000 photos, all of which are accessible directly from your iPad thanks to the built-in Wi-Fi connection and companion app. You can manage what's on the Fuel by plugging it into a USB 3.0 port on your computer, or if you're lazy like us, just use the Dropbox integration to sync everything over automatically.

  • Apple TV Tray

    As proud owners of Apple TVs, we can attest to the fact that should you not pay attention to where you set it, the sleek little aluminum remote is one of the most easily lost pieces of technology we've ever seen. The Apple TV Tray aims to keep the remote handy by holding both the unit and the remote snugly in a piece of sustainably sourced American Walnut or Maple. Apart from looking great, the tray also protects your remote by lining its slot with 100% Merino wool. Is it necessary? Certainly not. But it looks great, is made in the USA, and, most importantly, will keep you from hunting for the remote.

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