TrapTap Speed Trap Indicator

Using information gleaned from the Internet instead of an array of sensors, the TrapTap Speed Trap Indicator aims to warn you of red light cameras, speeding traps, and other potential pitfalls. The small circular gadget connects to a companion app over Bluetooth, and lights up red near red light cameras and school zones, blue near police and mobile radar traps, and green near speed zones. The app has a built-in database covering every red light camera and school zone in over 60 countries, and relies on users to double tap the indicator's single button when they spot a speed trap, thus alerting others to its location. Unlike radar detectors, its 100% legal, and is easy to move from car to car thanks to a reusable, sticky pad on the bottom.

  • Native Union Charging Docks

    Until electricity flows freely through the air to our gadgets, plugging in a cable — or at least plopping our gear on a charging surface — is a fact of life. Make the process look as good as possible with Native Union Charging Docks. These sleek desktop solutions are as minimal as possible, and come in editions specific to the device you're charging, whether it be over Lightning, Micro USB, or, in the case of the Apple Watch, a magnetic circle. Available in a variety of device-matching color schemes.

  • Saver Emergency Breath System

    Extinguishers are the first thing you want if a fire breaks out. The Saver Emergency Breath System is the second. This home safety device is designed to keep you safe from smoke inhalation in the event of a fire, using a triple filter system to remove smoke, dust, and toxic gases from the air while turning carbon monoxide into breathable carbon dioxide. Saver comes in a 2-person portable set or 4-person wall-mounted set, and also includes a flashlight and built-in alarm to help alert first responders to your location. And Saver is easy to use and can be activated in only 5 seconds. Saver can save your life or the life of your loved ones. It's also taken home multiple international design awards for its compact and sleek design.

    Presented by Safety iQ.

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