Traxxas R/C Funny Car

Funny cars are known for their incredible power, speed, and, well, funny looks. Now you can recapture the feeling of a real drag race in your driveway with a Traxxas R/C Funny Car ($530). Available in four different authentic driver editions, these advanced remote control cars feature ET-3s brushless power systems and tilt-up bodies developed from the full-size CAD drawings, including a tube-style chassis. On the TQi 2.4GHz remote, you'll find tuning features like steering and throttle sensitivity adjustments, braking strength controls, a toggle for Burnout, Staging, and Race modes, and a Launch Control switch that lets you hold down the throttle and go. All that's missing is the smell of racing fuel and a parachute to slow you down.

  • Puzzlebox Brain-Controlled Helicopter

    Yes, you read that correctly. The Puzzlebox Brain-Controlled Helicopter ($250) lets you control a floating orb using nothing but your brain power. The package includes a NeuroSky MindWave Mobile EEG headset, a Pryamid that serves as a home base and remote control, and the Orbit helicopter/orb itself. Simply select a flight path, slide on the headset, and focus — the software in the Pyramid will interpret your levels of concentration and relaxation and move the helicopter appropriately. A perfect gift for the sci-fi geek on your list.

  • Nerf Firevision

    When we were younger, pretty much the only thing that could end playtime was a lack of light — but that's not a problem anymore. Nerf Firevision ($10-$20) is a new lineup of gear that uses microprism technology to make things visible even at night. Whether you're playing football, basketball, or just bouncing a ball, all you need is a pair of Firevision glasses to see the action. The best part? No charging required.

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