The Treadwall ($TBA) is exactly what it sounds like — a treadmill for wall climbing. The standalone device offers auto-stop technology for self-paced climbing, adjustable angles and holds to diversify the experience, a Polar heart-rate monitor, and built-in safety — since you're never more than a few feet from the floor, you simply hop off when you're finished. American Gladiators, here we come. [Thanks, Jeff]

  • Titan T1 Gym

    Get a complete workout from a single machine with the Titan T1 Gym ($3,600). Designed to fit comfortably in a 9' x 12' room, the T1 offers over 50 exercises, including leg press, standing calf raise, shallow incline press, horizontal leg press, pull-ups, seated military press, and seated row, and features heavy-duty steel construction for durability. With a counter balance system for light lifting and the ability to handle up to 800 lbs of weights, it'll give you the workout you need, whether you're Lou Ferrigno or Lou Dobbs.

  • Wilson Pro Shock FX Catchers Mask

    Protect your mug during your summertime baseball league with the Wilson Pro Shock FX Catchers Mask ($120). It features a unique design that diffuses impact energy in four key zones, a floating mask for reduced vibration, venting for better airflow and reduced weight, CoolMax lining, a panoramic cage design for maximum peripheral vision, and more. Play ball.

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