Trek Earl Bike

What would you expect a bike built for campus cruising to have? A sturdy steel frame? A single speed design? Built-in mounts for racks and fenders, so you can customize it to your book- or friend-hauling needs? Well, the Trek Earl Bike ($530) offers all of that, as well as a BMX-style seat and grips, Tektro brakes, nylon pedals, and one thing every self-respecting college ride needs: a built-in bottle opener. [Scouted by Sid]

  • Public V7 Bike

    If you've been looking for a simple, clean and crisp two-wheel ride, this is it. The Public V7 Bike ($600) is a lightweight, all-purpose bike, featuring a durable steel frame (guaranteed for life), upright handlebars, a seat that's designed for normal clothing, a Shimano 7-speed rear derailleur and Revo twist shifter, 35MM tires, available front baskets and rear racks, and reinforced resin pedals designed to handle pretty much any type of footwear. A great everyday bike for when you want to upgrade to an awesome ride, but don't want to spend your next year's rent.

  • Flying Hovercraft

    Yes, it's completely crazy, and yes, it really is real. The Flying Hovercraft ($190,000) is exactly what it says: a hovercraft with integrated wings that allow it to fly. Thanks to its turbocharged, 130hp engine, 60-inch wood/carbon composite thrust propeller, fiberglass/PVC hull, horizontal elevator, and 1,100 rpm lift fan, it can clear obstacles up to 20 feet in height, letting you hop over obstacles that would leave a typical hovercraft high and dry. Or wet. Something like that.

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