Trioh Flashlight

We've said it before, and it's no less true now: the biggest problem with flashlights is finding them when you need them. With the Trioh Flashlight ($70), that's not a problem. Sporting a sculpted silver body and base with white accents, the Trioh is designed to sit in plain view, functioning as an accent light during normal evenings, an emergency light when the power goes out -- it automatically turns on when the power goes out -- and a triple-LED flashlight when you need it most, lasting up to 12 hours on a single charge.

  • Stanley FuBar Demolition Bar

    When work commenced on the new Uncrate HQ, we took to the old, paisley wallpaper-covered walls with baseball bats. This was unwise. What we needed was a Stanley FuBar Demolition Bar ($20). Forged from high carbon alloy steel, this ingenious tool features everything you need to strike, pull, pry, chisel, and chop down old material, including a P-shaped chisel, multiple nail pullers and strike-able surfaces, and a padded handle to reduce slippage. Way more efficient than a ball bat — although possibly less fun, due to the reduced risk of serious bodily harm.

    This post is sponsored by Philips Norelco. Use the right tool for the job.

  • Sven-Saw

    Saws sure are handy, but they're not the most convenient tools to haul around. Unless you have a Sven-Saw ($30-$32). Available in 15- and 21-inch models, this saw features a US-made frame, a sharp, durable blade made in Denmark from Swedish steel, and a foldable design with built-in sheath that'll keep you from sawing through your pack — or leg — while you're hiking the trails.

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