Triton Underwater Artificial Gills

We can already breathe underwater. But it requires that we strap a heavy tank on our backs and go through training. The Triton Underwater Artificial Gills are light, arrive assembled, and require no training. If they actually work... well that's a whole other conversation. According to the maker, the Triton setup extracts oxygen from the water and a micro compressor takes the oxygen and stores it — supposedly allowing you to breathe underwater for up to 45 minutes. Perfect for your commute when the rising sea levels finally make cabs and Uber extinct.

  • Classic American Dream Trailer

    Boats and trailers are essential parts of the camping experience for many. Unfortunately, you typically need two vehicles to get them both to the campsite. Not with the Classic American Dream Trailer. This small teardrop combo sits on a 4" x 8" frame, and offers both a full bed and a row boat that flips over to attach to the roof. There's a galley in the back for cooking and storage, a secondary roof to keep things dry when you're on the boat, and heavy-duty latches to keep everything secure when you're on the road.

    Photos: Daniel Evans / The American Dream

  • Exposed Motorcycle Bivouac

    With motorcycle riding weather in the near future, it's time to plan properly for your next adventure. This Motorcyle Bivouac from Exposed is up to the challenge, providing a shelter using your motorcycle as part of the supporting structure. There is enough room for one person and some gear and it adapts fully to motorcycles of different heights. It's made using the durable fabric Cordura, making it twice as durable as a normal tent. It also comes complete with a peg and pole pocket and leather binding straps for packing and mounting.

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