Truffol iPhone Cases

We're pretty crazy about our iPhones — some of us are so crazy we refuse to put cases on them, lest we sully their near-perfect appearance. But that kind of stubbornness can get us in trouble, resulting in cracked glass, scratched aluminum, and an expensive repair bill. With Truffol iPhone Cases ($75), you can protect your beloved phone without making it look like a turd. Available in either stainless steel or Italian leather, and precision CNC milled for a perfect fit, it's the next best thing to going nude. Only available for the iPhone 5.

  • iXoost

    Giving "exhaust notes" a whole new meaning, iXoost ($6548-$8906) combines the form of an automotive header with the function of a stereo iPod dock. Milled from aluminum and available in a range of customizable color combinations, it's an entertainment system, centerpiece and conversation-starter perfect for your garage or man cave. The eight- and 10-cylinder models have two tweeters, two midrange speakers and two subwoofers, while the 12-cylinder model adds two speakers — making it sound even better than it looks. We don't care what you play through it, just so long as you turn it up.

  • Mutator

    We've all done it — set our iPhones to silent only to have them make noise anyway, normally at the most inappropriate time possible (at dinner, during a meeting, in the middle of sex with an overly jealous, possibly psychopathic partner). Mutator ($16) is out to end all of that. This simple gadget sits in your iPhone's headphone port, letting you silence all sorts of sounds — videos, music, apps, Siri, alerts, etc. — with nothing more than a simple turn of the pyramid-shaped top. Turning the audio back on is as simple as turning it back the other way, giving you complete control over your cantankerous communicator. [Scouted by Danny]

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