Using SurfaceSound technology, the new Tunebug Vibe ($65) lets you take a speaker with you basically anywhere you go. The Tunebug sports a stylish, triangular brushed metal body, an illuminated power button, and a standard 3.5mm input for compatibility with a wide range of audio sources, but the real magic is in the NXT-powered SurfaceSound Speaker, which turns nearly any surface — although hollow ones work best — into a makeshift speaker.

  • Kerchoonz K-Box Speaker

    One of the problems with speakers is the fact that their size often forces you to leave them at home. Not so with the Kerchoonz K-Box Speaker ($75). At just 4.5" x 2.2" x 0.8", this diminutive speaker can be hooked up to practically any audio source, and uses patented gel-audio technology to turn any flat surface — like a table, wall, or box — into a full-on speaker with surprisingly good bass response. Sure, it's not going to replace a portable Hi-Fi, but for places that you don't want to take your normal portable system, it's better than nothing.

  • iGo Green Power Smart Tower

    Cut down on your electronics' energy usage with the iGo Green Power Smart Tower ($80). This smart surge bar offers eight outlets, four of which stay on in a fixed position, and four that feature iGo Green technology and also rotate 360 degrees to accomodate a number of differently-shaped plugs. The iGo Green technology automatically powers down outlets that aren't currently in use and powers them back up when devices need power, reducing standby power usage by up to 85%. Other features include a tower-style design with integrated cable management, dual front-mounted USB ports for charging portable devices, and a 6-foot power cable with a right-angle rotating plug.

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