Turnstone Bivi Office Furniture

No matter the size of your team or office, you can up the looks — and functionality — of your workspace with Turnstone Bivi Office Furniture ($TBA). This modular system includes a variety of desks, benches, shelves, cubbies, and storage — including board racks — that are ready to expand and adapt to any and every office need.

  • Hankie Notebook

    Pull double-duty on your next business outing with the Hankie Notebook ($10). This ingenious invention offers up 60 ruled pages of acid-free paper for your writing enjoyment, while the unique design resembles a folded handkerchief, letting the whole thing hide out in plain sight. Available in white, blue, or red, each with a subtle dot pattern. [Scouted by Shannon]

  • Sliced Bread Notebook

    If you think the name refers to notebooks that look like slices of bread and arrive in "loaf" packaging, well, you'd be exactly correct. The 160-page Sliced Bread Notebook ($60/12-pack) arrives in packs of a dozen notebooks, each stacked together to resemble a loaf of sliced bread and individually numbered so that you can use one for each month, keep track of your notes, or simply continue your crazy routine of only touching things with the number eight on them.

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