Whether you're tired of the stripped-down functionality of Twitter's native iOS app, or you're just ready for something new, Tweetbot ($3) has just updated their iPhone app, and it's better than ever. Most noticeable for those of you who have used previous versions of Tweetbot are the design changes, as it now looks much more at home on iOS7 with a paired-down, minimalist white interface, rounded avatars, new animations, and transitions. They've also made it simpler to use, getting a lot of the chrome out of the way in favor of a content-first focus. It now takes fewer swipes to view profiles, and see conversations, while some of the same features you've always liked are still present (muting functionality, customizable screens, and much more).

  • Pixel Press

    If you grew up with side-scrolling run-and-jump video games like Super Mario Brothers or Sonic the Hedgehog, you probably spent a little bit of time imagining what it would be like to make your own. With Pixel Press ($10), you too can create your own video game (without ever writing one line of code). Start with their downloadable grid paper by drawing your own paths, obstacles, moving platforms, spikes, and more. Then scan it into the app using your iOS or Android device — the app takes it from there, letting you test, design, and even play your creation. Once you're satisfied with the game, share it with the world and give others the opportunity to beat your high score.

  • Coast

    With the wealth of competing apps available for iOS, it only makes sense that you should be able to choose which web browser you'd like to use — but until recently, Safari was the only option on your iPad. With Coast by Opera ($Free), you get a web browser that was built from the ground up with tablet usage in mind, meaning it works using intuitive swipe- and gesture-based controls, eliminating all the chrome clutter you're used to. You can customize how the re-imagined browser's home screen appears, letting you keep your favorite sites just a tap away at all times (like our own Devour, which comes already bookmarked in the app), and sites stay open in the background, automatically updating and letting you swipe back and forth at will. It's our new default browser.

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