Tweezerman Tweezers

Tweezerman Tweezers

Whether they're for splinters or your uni-brow, a good set of tweezers is one of the few essentials every man needs in his bathroom. Tweezerman's professional-quality slant tweezers ($20) offer both a point and a general slanted side for everyday use. They come in several colors, but we picked white because we're iPod fanboys. Tweezerman will also sharpen dull tweezers for free, and will replace damaged/dropped tweezers for
half of the purchase price.

  • Braun 2865 cruZer3 Shaver

    We're really not the fully-shaved type around here. There's an aura of cool to a couple days worth of stubble, but unfortunately it’s hard to maintain that look — the long hair trimmer on most electric razors leaves your beard looking too short, while most beard trimmers leave it just a hair too long. Fortunately it seems that Braun understands this, because its 2865 cruZer3 Shaver ($50) is just what the doctor ordered. A good cordless razor in its own right, the cruzer3 also has an above-average edge styler, plus a multi-length beard trimming attachment that clips over the foil, allowing users to get that “I shaved a few days back” look day after day.

  • Norelco SmartTouch-XL

    The companies that make electric razors never rest. Norelco's new SmartTouch-XL ($180) is the latest one to grab our attention. Designed by Philips, it features the SmartTouch Contour Following System, which pivots and flexes to ensure constant skin contact, and Norelco's Speed-XL Shaving Heads with 3 rows of blades, slots and holes to cover 50% more shaving surface than regular electric razors. The SmartTouch-XL also sports a LCD display that shows shaving minutes, battery capacity, full and low and charging indicators, shaving head replacement and cleaning indicators.

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