It's always fun to see the crazy things our geeky brethren are able to create with some sensors and a Wi-Fi connection, but unless you've got plenty of time and a penchant for coding, odds are those projects are out of reach. That's where Twine ($100 and up) comes in. Twine is a wi-fi- and sensor-laden gadget that hooks up with a web service to monitor whatever you want in real-time, updating a dedicated Twitter account when necessary. Sensors residing inside the 2.5-inch, soap-like square include a thermometer and accelerometer, and you can add external sensors with ease. Just don't forget to follow your own Twine, lest your warnings of a freezing house go unnoticed.
[Scouted by Taylor]

  • Yamaha THR Amps

    Just because you play guitar doesn't mean your den, office, or man cave needs to look like a stage. The new line of Yamaha THR Amps ($TBA) offers fantastic tone and versatility in small, decor-friendly packages. Powered by Yamaha's VCM technology, each THR offers multiple amp styles — including clean, crunch, and modern — in a single package, as well as USB connectivity, included Cubase AI software, and the ability to run off AC or battery power. Arriving this January.

  • Tactical Bleeding Zombie Targets

    Filed under "We can't make this stuff up", these Tactical Bleeding Zombie Targets ($90-$100) are a great way to liven up a day at the gun club without risking bodily injury. Life-sized and full of biodegradable matter, these gruesome three-dimensional targets "bleed" when you shoot them, and are great for target practice, Halloween events, or as cheap extras for your upcoming underground outbreak flick. [Scouted by Jeff]

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