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Up 'til now, Twitter has been a great place to discover what's happening, what your friends are doing, and what everyone's talking about. But finding new music? Not so hot. Until today, that is. Twitter #Music ($Free) is a new official app that makes it easy to find what songs are trending, what artists are emerging, what the artists you follow are listening to, and what tracks your friends are digging. Just sign in with your Twitter account, link the app with Spotify or Rdio, and enjoy. Also, please note that denoting a song as "such a great track" is a pretty sure-fire way to ensure no one ever listens to it.

  • Snapguide

    Whether you're looking for instructions on how to change a worn-out rotor or looking for a way to share your latest libation, Snapguide (Free) can help. Created to let people simply and easily create and share guides right from their mobile device, the service offers a free app — designed beautifully for iPhone and iPad — that lets you do exactly that, plus a website that allows you to quickly share your new guide with friends, family, and the Snapguide community.

  • Ridiculous Fishing

    Indeed, the premise behind Ridiculous Fishing ($3) is ridiculous — but you'll feel anything but while playing it. The game involves dropping a hook, catching as many fish on said hook as you can, reeling them back up, and then blasting the living hell out of as many as you can using your gun. Also: no greedy calls for you to buy extra stuff after you've already bought it — buy it once, play it forever — and fish that become hats. It's only three bucks, so go download it already. [via]

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