Über Tap

Über Tap

Although we don’t have the desperate need for taps like we did back in college, it still isn’t a bad idea to have one around for large get-togethers. The Über Tap ($90-$120) has three taps instead of one, eliminating the worst part of having a keg — waiting in line to get your beer. A foot pedal serves as the pump, and five different sizes make sure you can get one for your favorite beer. Binge drinking has never been easier. [Thanks, Kevin!]

  • Ambient Executive Dashboard

    The more and more advanced technology gets, the cooler analog meters and the like become. Now you can get up-to-date info about traffic, email, weather — whatever — via an analog interface. The Ambient Executive Dashboard ($150) features three analog dials that display information based on one of thirty included facecards inserted into each dial. Operating on a free wireless network, the Dashboard keeps important info just a glance away. [via OhGizmo]

  • Watt's Up

    Ever wonder how much power your ginormous 70-inch TV consumes? Just plug a device into the Watt's Up Power Usage Meter ($130) and it instantly shows and records the wattage being used, plus other stats including average monthly cost. Watt's Up even has a "payback calculator" feature that automatically calculates the time required for an energy efficient appliance to pay for itself.

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