Under Armour Armour39

Some athletic gizmos measure steps. Others measure your leaping ability, or speed, or heart rate. But only the Under Armour Armour39 ($150) promises to measure your willpower. Or rather, it measures the effort you put forth during an activity by using an algorithm that takes into account your activity's duration, body position, heart rate, intensity, and calories burned, then considers it in light of your individual profile. How does it get all this info? From a sensor that straps to your chest and transmits the data to your smartphone — and you can expect to start checking out your own stats when it ships in March.

  • POC Receptor Bug Communication Helmet

    How do you make a super-popular snow sport and cycling helmet even better? Add headphones, of course. The POC Receptor Bug Communication Helmet (2,200 SEK; roughly $330) doesn't just sport any old cans — it has Beats by Dr. Dre drivers built into the neck roll. Other features include an in-line remote and mic, ventilated double-shell construction, and an EPS liner. Unlike the headphones, though, it's only available in black or white.

  • Hyperice

    You don't have to be a pro athlete to end up with aching joints — just one wrong step during a pickup basketball game can mean days of knee aggravation. When that happens, it's time for Hyperice ($80-$130). This recovery device uses ice compression to treat pain, soreness, and speed up recovery time. Specific packs are available for the back, knee, and shoulder, but if you're anything like us, you'll be ordering up a utility model for use on your ankles, elbows, feet, hands, and — most importantly — those achy wrists.

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