Under Armour Healthbox

There are tons of gadgets to help keep you fit. Fitness trackers, heart monitors, and smart scales, for example. Normally they all come from different companies with different designs. The Under Armour Healthbox brings all three together in a simple, unified solution. Designed and built by HTC, the kit includes the UA Band, which tracks activity, workouts, sleep, and can display stats while you're exercising, the UA Heart Rate, a compact, accurate monitor, and UA Scale, a Wi-Fi enabled scale that measures weight and body fat percentage. All three connect to the UA Record app to provide an in-depth look at your health and fitness, and how to improve both.

  • EcoMill Treadmill

    Gadgets and fitness have a dubious relationship at best. Improve it with the EcoMill Treadmill. This eco-friendly workout machine requires no electricity, instead relying on the curved surface and your own movement for its power. An onboard generator creates the juice, and while you might think your slow gallop/really fast walk is enough to power the display only, it actually does enough to charge up any USB gadget, which gives the phrase "running around looking for a phone charger" a whole new meaning.

  • Nima Allergen Sensor

    Even if the menu says "gluten-free", it's hard to feel certain that whatever you're ordering when you're dining out is really gluten free. Unless you're packing a Nima Allergen Sensor along with you. This pocketable device lets you load a bite of your food into a test pod, slide it into the device, and in two minutes know for sure whether there's any gluten in it or not. It can detect traces of gluten down to 20 parts per million, and will be available for peanut and dairy testing in the future.

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