Unopened Leica KE-7A Camera

The KE-7A is rare enough in itself — essentially an M4 clad in black chrome and sealed against dirt, it was built for the US military, and in very small numbers. So this Unopened Leica KE-7A Camera is even more unique. Still sealed in its original paper bag, the camera comes with an also-rare 50mm f/2.0 Eclan lens, as well as accessories like a lens hood, cap, case, strap, cable release, and the original manual. The only issue is having the willpower not to open it after it arrives.

  • Canon Self-lit Macro Lens

    You can get great close-ups using a prime lens, but true macro photography is a totally different beast, with its own lighting and stability requirements. The Canon Self-lit Macro Lens aims to make it a bit less intimidating for amateur shooters. In a world's first, it has a ring-style light built right into the lens, helping to illuminate challenging subjects and increase shutter speeds. It can focus to infinity during normal operation, has a 1.2x macro mode for stunning magnification, and uses a Hybrid IS system to help keep the image sharp. With a focal length of 28mm and the ability to shoot at f/3.5 wide open, it's a versatile piece of kit for EOS M owners.

  • Hover Camera

    Forget complicated controllers and dangerous exposed blades — the Hover Camera makes aerial photography as simple as a point-and-shoot. An embedded AI running on a quad-core Snapdragon processor takes the guess work out of shooting — just turn it on, unfold the wings, and it will hover where you release it, following you automatically while snapping 13 megapixel stills and 4K video on command. It has electronic image stabilization for smooth footage, folds up to roughly the size of a book, so it's easy to pack with you, and is made from durable, lightweight carbon fiber that helps protect both the camera itself and those around it.

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