Urwerk EMC Watch

Control freaks, take notice — the Urwerk EMC Watch ($TBA) gives you more authority over the functionality of your timepiece than any watch before it. With only the touch of a button, you can access the timing rate of your watch, allowing you to fine-tune the way it tells time. Because conditions like position, temperature, and shock affect the timing regularity of your watch, having this information gives you the control you need to adjust your timing rate to suit any situation. Made from titanium and steel, with a satin finish and sapphire crystal, this watch is made to last — while a power reserve of 80 hours will keep it going for days.

  • Bulbul Pebble Watches

    If you're looking for a watch to suit your minimalist style, look no further than the truly-simple Bulbul Pebble Watches ($440). They have a unique, slightly-asymmetrical shape with gently-rounded edges and a curved bezel, while the face is completely without \ markings (here's hoping you have a good sense of space). The cases hold Swiss-made, gold-plated, four-jewel Ronda quartz movement with ten years of battery life. They feature a sapphire crystal and an Italian leather band. Choose from four styles: all black, all white, brown leather with a white face and silver bezel, and black leather with a white face and silver bezel.

  • Casio G-Shock Twisted MT-G Watches

    If you're the kind of guy who's clumsy enough to have shattered more than a few crystals by now, but you still care what your wrist says about you, you owe it to yourself to check out Casio G-Shock Twisted MT-G Watches ($900-$1,100). They feature the same resistance to shock, vibration, and gravity you expect from the G-Shock brand, without the plastic appearance typical of their watches. They come in three variations: polished stainless steel and resin, ion-plated stainless steel and resin, and a black ion-plated version with gold highlights and a red-paneled bracelet. Available in November.

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