USB Mix Tape

USB Mix Tape

Burning a CD for someone is all well and good, but it just can't capture the feeling of an old mix tape. Now you can get that handmade feeling with digital files thanks to the USB Mix Tape ($40). This clever kit comes with a 64MB USB drive that is hidden inside a cassette tape, complete with a blank liner you can use to write down your playlist and message — no rewinding required.

  • GPS Mail Logger

    Don't leave it up to the USPS to track your most sensitive mail properly. At just a fourth of an inch thin, the GPS Mail Logger ($695) is a GPS tracking device that can be mailed in an envelope, tracking the exact location, speed and altitude of your envelope, from the time it leaves you to the time it reaches Publishers Clearing House. [Thanks, Greg]

  • Bluelounge Sanctuary

    We're all for one-stop charging stations, and the new Bluelounge Sanctuary ($130) is now one of our favorites. The rounded square-shaped station has a universal charger hidden below its top tray, which allows you to plug in multiple devices at once. It comes with 12 built-in adapters for the most popular gadgets, such as iPods, mini-USB charging devices, most major cellphones, and more, and also offers a powered USB port for supplying your own cable. Simple, sleek, and elegant.

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