Vaja PSPouch

Vaja PSPouch

We love our PSPs, but it's hard to find a case for them that matches the sexiness of the machine. Until now. The PSPouch from Vaja cases ($140) is the most fashionable way to carry your PSP, two extra UMDs, four Memory Stick Duos, and anything you can fit in the zippered accessories pocket.

  • X-Arcade Two Player Arcade Joystick

    So many of our youthful hours were wasted on arcade machines, we couldn't imagine having the same experience in our old age — but with the X-Arcade Two Player Arcade Joystick, we can count on just that. It features rock solid construction, authentic arcade joysticks and buttons, and your choice of a free console adapter — the joystick uses USB, but can connect to Xbox, Playstation 1&2, Gamecube, and Dreamcast. So download the MAME emulator, fire up some Galaga or an old school fighter, and get your game on like it's 1984.

  • Playboy Pinball Machine

    Get the best of both worlds (pinball and Playboy, are ya kidding?) with the snazzy Playboy Pinball Machine by Stern ($4,000). The game has all the pinball features you’d expect including multiball, ramps, drop targets, and lane changes — and it comes with interchangeable nude, semi-nude, and non-nude playfield inserts so you can keep your lady and your family happy but still “keep it real” when it’s just you and your friends.

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