You'd think they might suck the innards out of a wire. And you'd be wrong. Vampliers are actually on the job to remove your rusty, stripped, damaged, jammed, or tamper-proof screws. And how do they do this, you ask? With vertically and horizontally serrated jaws that bite into nearly any surface without slipping or stripping the screw. Just try not to use it for normal plier-y things that you don't want to take a bite out of — something tells us they might leave a mark.

  • Titanium Entry Card

    We assume you won't be using it for nefarious purposes, but no matter what your intentions this Titanium Entry Card ($50) is a handy thing to have around. Made entirely out of aircraft grade titanium, it features two identical sets of lock picking tools embedded inside, ready to be snapped out and used. Just make sure you're using it for the right reasons — like breaking into the office over the weekend to toilet paper someone's cubicle. [Scouted by Joshua]

  • Mixing Mate

    Anyone who's ever tried their own hand at painting knows what a pain it can be to deal with traditional paint cans. There's the flathead to get them open, the sticks to stir them with, the sloshing down the side, and the unreasonable force needed to close them up. Or you could just slap on a Mixing Mate. This handy tool fits snugly over standard one-quart paint can openings, and features an integrated paddle to mix the paint throughly, an integrated spout that opens with the press of a button, and an integrated grip for easy handling. Even better, it creates a tight, leak-proof seal, so all you need to do is pour out what you need and put the rest back on the shelf.

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