Vard 1-08 Kilkea Superyacht

With an ice-classed hull and ability to travel for 30 days without stopping for fuel or supplies, the Vard 1-08 Kilkea Superyacht is meant to be a true globe-explorer. Measuring in at over 250 feet, it has ample deck space, with room for a pool, glass-enclosed dining area, and helipad, while inside it has 18 cabins with enough space for up to 36 passengers. A total of four electric generators and four diesel engines drive two propellers, giving the giant vessel a cruising speed of 12 knots and a top speed of 15.4 knots. Space to stow tenders, smaller water vehicles, and even small planes ensure you can make the final leg with ease.

  • Alpha Centauri Hydroplane

    Meant to combine the luxury of a tender with the speed of a race boat, the Alpha Centauri Hydroplane resembles a fighter jet for the water. You enter via a jet-like lifting canopy that provides access to the four leather-lined bucket seats and spartan interior with speaker system and Raymarine navigation. The 8.3-meter craft is built using a stainless steel frame wrapped in a lightweight composite shell and powered by a 750 hp, 9.5L Chevy V8. All that power is coupled to a two-stage Scott jet drive, resulting in a top speed of 60 knots, or more than enough to make your next trip out on the water a lot more exciting.

  • PG x Bugatti Bicycle

    Developed by the former and designed by the latter, the PG x Bugatti Bicycle is the ideal two-wheel complement to the four-wheeled Chiron. Made from more than 95 percent carbon fiber, the bike weighs less than 5kg, making it the lightest "special" urban bike in the world. Individual components can be tailored to the rider, and customers of Bugatti can even get theirs built to match their cars. Manufactured by Kussmaul in Germany and limited to just 667 bikes worldwide.

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