Vespa 946

Inspired by the WWII-era MP6 prototype, the Vespa 946 ($TBA) is the scooter at its most pure and refined. The 946 is powered by an ultra-modern single cylinder, 125cc, four-stroke engine that offers fuel consumption of over 55 km per liter — that's nearly 130 mpg — and 30 percent fewer emissions. Other features include a lightweight, high-quality build that incorporates plenty of aluminum, and a sleek design that's perfect for the urban commute.

  • Boosted Boards

    Adding motors to a skateboard might sound like a dangerous idea, but it can sure cut down on your commute time. Boosted Boards are a new line of electric skateboards that feature dual brushless motors and lithium batteries to propel you to speeds of up to 20 mph, up grades of 15%, and/or up to 6 miles on a single charge. You control everything via a handheld remote, and this being a skateboard, it still packs in components like a Loaded Vanguard, Bear Grizzly 852s, Otang 80A In Heats, and Jehu bearings.

  • Wingz Rack

    Add versatile, stylish cargo capacity to your bike with a Wingz Rack ($100). Crafted from lightweight aluminum alloy, this sleek rack attaches to your bike's seatpost using a simple two-screw clamp, and uses two thin, adjustable bars to hold your stuff — up to 25 pounds of it. Great for commuters, delivery boys, and anyone else who wants to carry extra gear on their bike without looking like they're carrying around E.T.

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