There are all sorts of gadgets out there to help us track our activity — but what about what we're drinking? Meet Vessyl. This ingenious piece of drinkware automatically recognizes what beverage you've placed inside it, allowing it to keep track of things like calories, caffeine, sugar, and fat ingested, and your overall hydration level via a system called Pryme. A slick, built-in hidden screen can show you basic info, and for a more complete view of your hydration habits, simply pair it with your iOS or Android device via Bluetooth and let the companion app handle the rest.

  • Gigs 2 Go

    When you need some extra storage to share those all-important files — whether it's your latest Photoshop masterpiece, video from an event, or photos from your wedding — it helps to have a USB drive on-hand. And with Gigs 2 Go, you never need to be caught in need. They offer packs of four drives (available in either one GB, eight GB, or 16 GB) encased in 100% recycled post-consumer paper. Just tear off the storage you need whenever you need it, pass it on to a friend, or store it for later. At the size of a credit card, they fit conveniently in your pocket or wallet, because it's better to have it and not need it, than need it and not have it.

  • Skylock

    Instead of fumbling with keys or dealing with a cryptic combination, Skylock makes securing and untethering your bike as easy as walking up to it. Developed by engineers from Boeing and Jawbone, this smart lock uses built-in solar panels to stay charged, with Bluetooth LE to enable automatic unlocking, Wi-Fi for extended range, and an accelerometer that can alert you should your bike get moved, or call an ambulance should it detect a crash. So, basically everything a simple chain lock isn't.

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