Vi Artificial Intelligence Personal Trainer

Working out with a personal trainer to guide you is generally better than going it alone. The Vi Artificial Intelligence Personal Trainer gives you the same benefits as a real trainer in a device that fits around your neck. Using sensors in the neckband, attached earphones, and your smartphone, it knows your elevation, heart rate, cadence, speed, and location, and gives you voice feedback as you workout. It also responds to your voice commands, and since the earbuds were developed in collaboration with Harman/Kardon, they sound great, too.

  • Hero Smart Pill Dispenser

    Ideally, none of us would need to take pills everyday. But whether it's a dietary supplement or life-saving medication, many of us do. The Hero Smart Pill Dispenser makes it easy to do so the right way. This smart appliance sits on your counter, stores up to 10 different pills, and dispenses them on a schedule or on demand. It has a built-in screen with a simple interface, dispenses with a single button press, and tracks consumption, so you — or your loved one — gets an alert when it's time to take a pill, and the caregiver gets an alert if a dose is missed.

  • Power Caffeinated Toothpaste

    Instead of waiting for your coffee to cool to get your first daily fix of caffeine, Power Caffeinated Toothpaste gives you a little pick me up right out of bed. Like most other toothpastes, it does a fine job of cleaning and whitening your teeth and has a fresh, minty flavor. Unlike its competitors, it does so while giving you a subtle dose of caffeine that goes to work almost immediately, keeping you alert until your morning cup is ready. Made in America, it ships in 2.5 oz. tubes, or enough for about 90 brushes.

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