Victorinox Swiss Army Bike Tool

Most multi-tools try to provide a range of tools that are handy for all sorts of people. The Victorinox Swiss Army Bike Tool ($50) bucks this trend by providing a set of tools for a very specific group — cyclists. The compact tool offers a tire lever, an L-wrench, eight bits for the most common types of screws, an impact-proof plastic holder for the bits, and a stainless steel bit adapter. It's not everything you might need, but it covers most of what you're likely to need, and that's more enough to justify packing the 3.5 oz. package along with you. [via]

  • Gerber GDC Tools

    Whether you're just getting into the every day carry lifestyle or are simply tired of your current mis-matched gear, Gerber GDC Tools ($TBA) are coming to help. This lineup of keychain- and pocket-friendly tools includes a zip blade (think utility knife), a driver with Phillips and flat head drivers, a hex driver with 5 metric bits, and LED light/bottle opener, a striking black pocket knife, and a hook knife, all designed to look good together while playing nice on the same keychain.

  • Snow Peak Lapel Torch

    Let's see: you need both hands to do an activity, you can't mount a light anywhere nearby, and you'd like to avoid the dorkiness of a head-mounted solution. Sounds like you need the Snow Peak Lapel Torch ($60). This compact, water-resistant LED light uses a magnetic clip to attach to pretty much anything — a shirt, a backpack strap, you name it — and is powered by a remote battery pack that connects via a 28-inch cord and can provide up to 140 hours of light.

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