Viks Bike

Another in a slew of urban commuting bikes we've seen hit the market recently, the Viks Bike is constructed entirely from high-quality stainless steel tubes, making for a durable bike that's still relatively light weight. Its unique shape is made up of two identical tube frames joined alongside each other, meeting at a single head tube, seat tube, and bottom bracket. Featuring either a fixed gear or a coaster brake hub, it's the ideal bike for cruising through flat cities either on the way to work or out for the night. Available in a number of customizable configurations, and a range of powder-coated colors, this is a city bike that you can really make your own.

  • Salt Skateboards

    Modern skateboarding as we know it came from surfing — after the waves went out, surfers would carve the asphalt just trying to pass the time — so it only makes sense that a surfboard company would bring us skateboards that harness the spirit of the surf. Salt Skateboards are made from two layers of walnut veneer sandwiching a layer of maple veneer, giving them all the strength of hardwood while maintaining enough flexibility to maneuver. The tail kicks up slightly giving you excellent control when you're carving, so you get the feel of moving through the waves even on land.

  • Tanner Goods Bike Bags

    Everyone knows a bike is a great way to get around — whether you use one to get you to work every day, or just to keep yourself physically fit — but one thing a bike lacks is convenient storage for your gear. With Tanner Goods Bike Bags you get all the convenience of biking and plenty of storage for your stuff. Choose from a saddle bag that hangs beneath your seat, a frame bag to hang underneath your ride, and a handlebar bag for up front (or choose all three and really load yourself down). Available in three colors, burnt oak, charcoal, and field tan, and made from durable 10-ounce canvas and 18-ounce twill, they feature plenty of pockets, straps to keep them secure, and sturdy zippers to keep everything intact.

    USA-Made Goods presented by our friends at Shinola.


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