Viper SmartStart

Viper SmartStart

Lest you actually have to start your car with your car keys, Viper SmartStart ($300-$500) is a cool new system that allows you start your car with your iPhone or iPod touch. Using a GSM signal, SmartStart either plugs into your existing Viper security/remote start system or comes bundled with one, letting you not only start but also lock or unlock the car, arm or unarm the alarm, open the trunk, and activate the panic mode, no matter how far away you might be from your vehicle. [Thanks, Dan]

  • Black & Decker Power Monitor

    Looking for a way to monitor your energy usage and cut down on power bills during the economic crunch? Check out the Black & Decker Power Monitor ($100). This easy-to-use device provides real-time electricity use, cost, and outdoor temperature readings, thanks to a wireless sensor that attaches to your electricity meter. Offering an Appliance Mode that isolates the cost of individual appliances or gadgets, it could save you up to 20% each month on your power bill — meaning it should pay for itself in no time.

  • Missisipi Distiller

    Don't let the name fool you — the Missisipi Distiller ($200) isn't some shoddy backwoods attempt to make money by selling moonshine machines, but rather a way to extract fragrant oils for use in colognes and perfumes (riiight). Made by the Missisipi Destil Co., this contraption uses a series of tubes, an oil lamp, and a water-filled condensing pot to take plant leaves like lavender, mint, and thyme, remove the essential oils, and turn them into a concentrated liquid. In addition, the Distiller comes with a walnut base, borosilicate glass pieces, and a frame made from five copper plates, secured by copper rivets to make it look even more interesting. A can't-miss conversation piece.

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