Virtual Table Tennis Trainer

Ping pong is a game that's easy to pick up and highly difficult to master. The Virtual Table Tennis Trainer is a concept technology that aims to help you improve your game just by playing. Developed as a bachelor thesis by designer Thomas Mayer, it uses a pair of Playstation CL-eye cameras, a computer, and an HD projector to show stats and shot visualizations on the playing surface in real time. There are dashboards for each player that contain all kinds of performance data, but the real trick is the ball tracking, which lets it show not only where the ball has been, but where it should go next.

  • Arc 3D-Printed Bicycle

    Designed and built by a group of four Dutch college students as part of a three-month research project, the Arc 3D-Printed Bicycle is a great example of the technology's potential. The students partnered with Amsterdam-based MX3D to utilize their printing process, which uses articulated robot arms to print structures in mid-air, thus allowing for far larger objects to be made than with a traditional printer. While the spider-like frame of the bike could bring weight savings in the future, the current prototype weighs roughly the same as a normal bike, with a fixed gear configuration and off-the-shelf fork, handlebars, and seat.

  • Smart Mirror

    We've been promised mirrors that deliver our daily dose of morning info for decades. This Smart Mirror brings this promise into the real world. Built by Google engineer Max Braun, it uses a two-way mirror, display panel, controller board, Amazon Fire TV Stick, and a few hundred lines of code to show you the time, date, weather, and a few headlines while you brush your teeth, shave, fix your hair, or whatever else you do in the bathroom each morning. It's still a work in progress, but it isn't hard to imagine this being an in-demand product in the near future.

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