Viteo Outdoor Garden Shower

Viteo Outdoor Garden Shower

Exhibitionists, your dream shower has arrived. The Viteo Outdoor Garden Shower ($1,154) lets you clean yourself out in the great wide open, using a unique UV resistant, non-slip plastic foot panel that turns on by sensing your body weight, sending jets of water up into the air which then cascade down to clean you off. Creepy/Sexy bunny head not included.

  • Belkin BreakFree

    Now you can get the same kind of damage protection offered by Apple's awesome MagSafe power connector for your guitar and amp thanks to the Belkin BreakFree ($20; September 2008). Offering noise-free, dynamic sound, the Breakfree causes no audio quality issues, and works with standard quarter-inch TRS plugs. It's the best way we've seen to keep the output on your axe and the input on your amp safe from cord-tugging damage.

  • Beerhandle

    Get a grip on your beer can with the Beerhandle ($10). This ingenious drinking accessory snaps securely onto your favorite can of suds, giving you a better hold on the can, and keeping your hand from prematurely warming up your beer. Fantastic. [Thanks, Sam]

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