Vocation Dirty Pilsner Beer

It turns out when you dry-hop a Pilsner and leave it unfiltered with generous amounts of hops added; it resembles an IPA just as much as a Pils. That's the case with Vocation Dirty Pilsner Beer brewed in the UK and hopped up with loads of American hops to create a unique flavor profile. The Pilsner malts balance out the fruity hops well, and it's all packaged in these beautiful cans that feature a white background and colorful spray-can paint effects.

  • Brewmeister Snake Venom Beer

    Back in 2013, Brewmeister Snake Venom Beer officially became the strongest beer in the world. After the beer is fermented, ethanol is added to get it up to its full strength of 67.5% ABV. And of course, with that much weight involved there's no carbonation, and the folks at Brewmeister felt obligated to include a warning on the yellow neck tag which recommends you don't consume more than a couple of ounces per sitting. Unavailable for some time, it's back again, but you can only buy one bottle per order, which hopefully encourages you to share it with a few friends.

  • Toast Pale Ale

    Every day bakers across the globe make fresh bread for hungry consumers, but sadly, around 44% of that ends up getting thrown away. Toast Pale Ale is the beginning of an attempt to end that waste, so if drinking beer for a good cause is your thing, you might be interested. Brewed by Hambleton Ales in Yorkshire, UK the beer gives new life to discarded bread by adding it to a simple recipe that also includes malted barley, hops, and yeast. In the UK, you can buy between 6 and 24 bottles for the same price, and all profits go directly to an environmental charity dedicated to ending food waste.

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