Vollebak Solar Charged Jacket

Keep yourself visible at night and stylish in the day with the Vollebak Solar Charged Jacket. When the sun's out, this lightweight, breathable cover is a light gray that pairs well with anything. At night, however, the reactive fabric glows a bright green that makes you easy to spot at the campsite, on the street, or in the water. It's fully seam-sealed and waterproofed, so it handles summer showers with ease, and its mind-bending material also stretches and compresses down, so it won't take up a ton of room in your bag or pack.

  • Empwr Coat

    Made using Cordura fabric from Carhartt and repurposed automotive insulation from GM, the Empwr Coat is built to meet the needs of the homeless. As part of the parent company's mission, it's assembled by formerly homeless individuals, and transforms from a water-resistant jacket, to a sleeping bag, to an over-the-shoulder bag when not in use. The cost of each coat goes to cover, labor, materials, and overhead, and you can rest assured it will mean far more to its recipient than whatever gadget you were planning on buying instead.

  • Columbia x Star Wars Jackets

    Inspired by the outfits worn by the heroes (and villains) of Rogue One, these Columbia x Star Wars Jackets are a great way to show your allegiance without looking like a full-sized action figure. The collection includes a light jacket modeled after Jyn Erso's, a heavy parka that's based on Captain Cassian Andor's, and a shell jacket inspired by the armor of the Death Troopers, ideal for those with dark intentions. All three are made using Colombia's well-tested materials, so unlike that replica blaster, these will actually perform out in the real world.

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