Volocopter 2X

It's greener than a traditional helicopter. Quieter, too. But most of all, the Volocopter 2X is safer. Thanks to multiple redundant systems, a total of 18 rotors, and a full aircraft parachute in case everything else fails, it's arguably safer than traveling on land. Powered by electric motors, it's controlled by a simple joystick control and has features like automatic altitude control that make it even easier to fly. It can also be controlled remotely, drone-style. It's currently under development and expected to receive approval as an ultralight multi-copter next year.

  • Scrooser

    Part bike, part moped, the Scrooser is more than a frame and fat tires. It uses a battery-powered motor to augment your muscle power, letting you hit speeds up to 15.5 mph while constantly analyzing your movements and adjusting accordingly. Hydraulic disc brakes ensure you can stop safely, LED lights keep you visible in traffic, and a display in the middle of the metal handlebars keeps you abreast of battery levels, your speed, and driving mode. Made in Germany, it's available in multiple power levels, road legal and non-road legal versions, and in a multitude of colors, each developed to highlight the strikingly minimal design.

  • Alpha Centauri Hydroplane

    Meant to combine the luxury of a tender with the speed of a race boat, the Alpha Centauri Hydroplane resembles a fighter jet for the water. You enter via a jet-like lifting canopy that provides access to the four leather-lined bucket seats and spartan interior with speaker system and Raymarine navigation. The 8.3-meter craft is built using a stainless steel frame wrapped in a lightweight composite shell and powered by a 750 hp, 9.5L Chevy V8. All that power is coupled to a two-stage Scott jet drive, resulting in a top speed of 60 knots, or more than enough to make your next trip out on the water a lot more exciting.

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