Voltaic USB Touchlight

Odds are, if you have a smartphone, tablet, or multiple modern devices, you probably have one of those portable battery packs for on-the-go charging. Put it to good use when it's not in use by hooking it to the Voltaic USB Touchlight ($35). This waterproof USB light features a stylish silver body and a patent-pending lens that you tap on to cycle through three brightness levels. You can hang it like a pendant light — to light a tent or the underside of your car's hood, for example — or hook it to the included flex cable and use it pretty much however you want.

  • Coin Guitar Picks

    Anyone who's ever resorted to playing their axe with a quarter knows what a great tone can result — as well as how fast doing so will wear out your strings. Now these Coin Guitar Picks ($10-$30) are here to offer the best of both worlds. Made from actual quarters, dollars, and pennies, these unique picks offer the metallic makeup that provides the tone, as well as a liquid smooth beveled edge to keep your strings intact. Rock on, George.

  • Parrot Flower Power

    Take your brown thumb and make it green with the Parrot Flower Power ($60). This advanced plant sensor sticks in your flower pot, measuring sunlight, soil moisture, temperature, and fertilizer. It transfers the data over Bluetooth 4.0 to your compatible device, using a dedicated app and a library of nearly 6,000 plants to make sure you're caring for your plant properly. And don't worry about constant battery changes — it'll run for six months on a single AA battery.

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