Vuzix Wrap 920 Video Eyewear

Vuzix Wrap 920 Video Eyewear

Don't let your movie experience suffer because you're without your big screen and surround sound. With Vuzix Wrap 920 Video Eyewear ($250) you get the experience of a 67-inch screen, and with thier high resolution display and noise-isolating earphones, these glasses are ideal for any 2D or 3D movie on the go.

  • HalGuard Fire Extinguishers

    While the easiest way to contain an unexpected fire and prevent severe property damage is to stop the fire from starting in the first place, but beyond that, you need a fire extinguisher — but not all of them are made the same. HalGuard Fire Extinguishers ($125-$170) were developed for racing use, and employ Halotron 1, an electrically non-conductive "clean" extinguishing agent that rapidly turns into a gas, so they're safe for parts and wiring, pose no risk of electric shock, and leave no nasty residue to clean up, whether it's in the car, house, or office.

  • Pocket Piano Synthesizer

    Despite its name, it's definitely more of a synth than a piano. The Pocket Piano Synthesizer ($150) is a nifty small bag- or cargo pocket-sized musical contraption featuring an industrial look, a built-in 3-Watt speaker, a 1/4" output jack, wooden keys, and the ability to run off a 9V battery, as well as six unique modes, including a vibrato synth, harmonic sweepers, two-octave arpeggiator, an octave cascade, mono FM synth and a FM arpeggiator, or more than enough to amused for hours, or at least until the battery dies. [via]

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