Wacom Bamboo Fineline

There are plenty of styluses out there that you can use with your iPad, but few — if any — can match the precision of the Wacom Bamboo Fineline. As the name suggests, this new digital writing tool is designed for tasks like note-taking, doodling, and writing, with a 1.9mm-thin, pressure sensitive tip, palm-rejection technology that lets you rest your hand on the screen while writing, a built-in rechargeable battery, Bluetooth Smart for long battery life, and support from the majority of the leading note-taking, sketching, and PDF markup apps.

  • NomadPlus

    There's no shortage of iPhone battery packs on the market, but few are as well thought out as the NomadPlus. This smart backup battery sits between your phone's charging cable and the wall wart itself, letting you slide the white pronged square into its black body and connect your charging cord to the other side. Plug it into the wall, and once it's done charging your iPhone, it'll fuel up its internal 1500 mAh battery, giving you a 70% additional charge when you need it the most without forcing you to use a bulky battery case or carry around an extra power brick.

  • Defender Smart Protection Device

    Our phones are incredibly capable devices — but instead of improving personal safety, they tend to serve as targets for thieves and other nefarious types. The Defender Smart Protection Device changes all of that. This slim, pocketable device connects to your phone over Bluetooth, and should you be approached, with a single button press takes a picture using its built-in camera, initiates a flashing light and audible alarm, and dispenses the highest concentration of pepper spray available to law enforcement. In addition, the picture, your GPS location, and any other authorized information is automatically sent to the 24/7 monitoring service, which can then notify the authorities.

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